a. Go to the AICPA’s website (www.aicpa.org). Find the AICPA’s mission statement

a. Go to the AICPA’s website (www.aicpa.org). Find the AICPA’s mission statement (currently under the link “About the AICPA”). Read and briefly summarize the AICPA’s mission as described in its mission statement.b. Go to the SEC’s website (www.sec.gov). Find the SEC’s description of its mission (currently under About the SEC). Read the material under “What We Do,” describing the SEC’s primary mission and purpose. Write a paragraph summarizing the SEC’s mission and purpose.c. Research the Creation of the SEC in the 1930s. Write a paragraph summarizing when and why the SEC was formed. What were the triggering events leading up to the SEC’s formation?d. Go to the PCAOB’s website (www.pcaobus.org). Find and briefly summarize the PCAOB’s description of its standard-setting process (click on the “Standards” link along the top of the page; then select “About The Standard-Setting Process.).e. Go to www.ifac.org/IAASB/ and read the brief history of the IAASB found under the “About IAASB” link. Write a summary of the development and status of the IAASB and its International Statements on Auditing Standards around the world.f. Go to www.ifrs.com and read about how the IASB is structured, how it is funded, and how it sets accounting standards. Write a summary what you find. Include the current status of the IASB’s and FASB’s convergence efforts.
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