Hello,Please do a Python source code and presentation about using given datasetT

Hello,Please do a Python source code and presentation about using given datasetTitle — Big Data and AnalyticsAssessment : Model EvaluationTask SummaryAny enterprise-level, big-data, analytics project aimed at solving a real-world problem will generally comprise three phases:1. Data preparation;2. Data analysis and visualisation; and3. Making decisions based on the analysis or insights. In this Assessment, you will help the global community in its fight against COVID-19 by discovering meaningful insights in a dataset compiled by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering.Given the significance of the issue, you will slice and dice the data using different methods and drill down to gain insights that will help the individuals concerned make the right decisions. Please refer to the Task Instructions (below) for details on how to complete this task.DATA SET file attached in this drive URL ::https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cgescDvFeGNWZ3XSq…Task Instructions : ( Full details given in Attched PDF documents)1. Dataset Preparation2. Data Analysis and Visualisationa) Predictive Modellingb) Clusteringc) Graph Analyticsd) Visualisation3. Video PresentationSubmission Instructionso Python source code. (Ensure that you include comments at the top of the main file on how to execute your code);o PDF PPT slides 10-12 for video presentation
Requirements: Mentioned in question

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