This is a PhD level post. High level of English. You MUST read through the entir

This is a PhD level post. High level of English. You MUST read through the entire materials and not just brush off.A) First read the attached templates of skills 7 to understand the research. B) After reading all materials (below0 -Post (300 words) on reading below (no cover page)- write what moved you intellectually or emotionally this week about your research and Intuition, Empathic Identification skills. Share insightful realizations, inspirations, shifts, resonances. Comment on things in EACH reading for this week that particularly stood out and/or were meaningful to you, and that were most relevant to, and useful for your dissertation research topic and method.Must include a particular quote and page number that created that inner recognition of truth.(don’t count as word count)Use I – “I was inspired, I am intrigued, I found, I realized, I was inspired, resonated with me… … “ C) Complete Template 8: Based on the template of skills 7, create template 8 — which you read on AC1. Add skills that are Intuition, Empathic Identification skills to each partC2. Add Transpersonal Relevance: Indicate briefly, how the content/topic, method, or application of the work is relevant to transpersonal psychology. How it relates to the premises outlined in the article “Transpersonal psychology: Defining the past, divining the future” (Hartelius, Caplan, & Rardin, 2007) or the “Transpersonal research from a global perspective” document, both available in Course Materials. READING: Direct Knowing, Intuition, Empathic Identification (Use Template 3)
Chapter 2 on integral inquiry in Transforming Self and others through Research (Anderson & Braud, 2011), emphasizing the sections on compassion, resonance, and direct knowing
Chapter 10 (Empathizing) in Sparks of Genius (Root-Bernstein, 1999). ATTACHED.
Revisit EHE Glossary
– Locate personal transpersonal experiences, or
exceptional experiences you would like to study. The comprehensive site
on EHEs also contains a wealth of information (Links to an external site.)
Section on direct knowing and empathic identification skills, chapter 6 (p. 240- 253) in Transforming Self and others through Research (Anderson & Braud, 2011).
Exercise: Engage in the experiential exercises
listed as preparation for the skill assignment. Please consult the
excellent examples for skills application in the 3 phases of research
suggested by the authors.
Requirements: 300 words + Skills template (no cover)   |   .doc file

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