Module 2 Discussion-Walking For YouToday, Americans are jogging, swimming, skiin

Module 2 Discussion-Walking For YouToday, Americans are jogging, swimming, skiing, bicycling, dancing, and walking their way to healthier lives. All of these exercises are great activities that will improve aerobic fitness if done for at least 20-30 minutes within target heart rate for 3-5 days a week. However walking is one of the easiest and simplest ways you can bring fitness into your everyday life, regardless of age, skill, and ability. Your text sets you up for success by not only explaining how simple it is to start a walking program, but discusses a few things to consider first before you get started. From this information, it is clear that walking has always been considered the most perfect exercise. For this discussion post, From the reading Why Stretch and Strengthen, you are given a variety of exercises along with example plans. First I challenge you to try all the exercises :} For this post, briefly discuss which exercises you liked, were able to do with ease, or which ones gave you trouble or caused you pain.
Your text provides information on how to determine you walking gait. Look at a pair or two of shoes you wear often, what do they tell you about your walking gait?
List the “Components of Fitness” and benefits in each component that you could receive just from walking .
Be sure to use complete sentences and number/bullet/color code each response for clarity
Peer review 1 of your classmates posts- comment on the clarity of their responses or the lack there of.
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