Explore your location on Google Earth. (you must use google chrome or download t

Explore your location on Google Earth. (you must use google chrome or download the google earth app) (Links to an external site.)Zoom around the coastline and see what the beaches in YOUR ASSIGNED AREA look like. Compare and contrast the coast with California. Do you see a lot of people recreating on the beaches? Begin thinking about, researching, and talking to your pod about the physical characteristics of your area’s beaches. Determine if there is an area you can focus on in your country where the beaches catch your eye. Start to do research on the Geology and Physical Setting of your chosen location. What forces are at work here shaping the coast? Use your background, expertise, and personal lenses to think about this location and what may be interesting about it. Why do people value the beaches in your location? Think about lenses such as psychological, economic, political, educational, environmental, musical, spiritual, cultural, ethnic, literary, artistic, biological, business-oriented, international, multicultural, community-oriented, cinematic, intellectual, emotional, familial, etc. Example topics to think about and consider: fashion, food, erosion or accretion, geology, beaches as a storm buffer, king tides, el Nino, sand supply, dam removal, waves and tides, health and well-being benefits of the beach and ocean, oil spills, coastal development, coastal access, ecology (fish, invertebrates, birds, marine mammals, lagoons, pollution, water quality), stakeholder interests, trash, pollution, grooming, surfing, paddleboarding, volleyball, history, mythology, kite surfing, beach fishing, family traditions, tide pooling, bouldering, rip tides, lifeguards, marine protected areas, sand mining, port activities, recreational harbors, kayaking, estuaries, sea stars, red tides, shoreline armoring, population growth, music, dance, culture, socio-economics, art, accessibility, equality, human right, etc. Be creative. What are you interested in and how does this relate to your location?Assignment:Write a 500-800 word discussion: (Yes I will count your words)Discuss the physical setting and processes of your international beach location and how it compares to what we discussed about California. Where does the sand come from? How does the sand move on the beaches? Discuss the lenses that may be used to show the “value” of this beach. Think about what is important to the people and critters in these areas. Start thinking about the threats to the beaches in your area. We will get into more detail in the coming weeks. For now, what are the big picture lenses and threats you see? The discussion should be well written (edited for grammar and spelling) with a clear beginning, middle, and end.You must add references where needed (parenthetical references with properly cited literature) if you state something that is not common knowledge. Remember, discussions are 40% of your grade. Your discussions should be thoughtful reflections demonstrating that you can take what you are learning in class and with research and critical thought apply it to your international beach location.
Requirements: 500

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