Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need support to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need support to help me learn.You are required to create a proposal for a communicative/media campaign for a social movement; that is to say, you are the creative mind/ideologist/producer for a campaign using media to endorse and promote one (or several) social movements. This proposal is divided into two basic sections:1) Context and analysis. Here you analyze the context and origins of your social movement using the course’s resources (articles, books, movies, documentaries, etc.). Next, you describe the most important features and goals of the social movement. You propose to the audience which are the main ideas of the social movement. Remember that this part is structured by one key argument: why do you think this social movement needs to be supported? (600-700 words)2) Media campaign. Here you analyze which media and format are you going to use to promote your social movement and how. Then, using the previous section (social movement features and main ideas structuring the social movement) you propose a campaign with a repertoire and WUNC likely scenarios. Be aware that for a campaign to be effective you need a strong repertoire and a consistent identity. You need to provide some example of that campaign in a form of a poster, a banner, a post, a website, etc. Be creative. (300-400 words)*Remember that a social movement is contentious, so any social formation that you choose must address issues that spark conflict with some actor’s or institution’s interests. Word length (for both sections, without including figures, pictures, etc): around 1000-1100 words
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