INSTRUCTIONS:For your first writing assignment, you will be asked to write 2100

INSTRUCTIONS:For your first writing assignment, you will be asked to write 2100 words in which you argue for your position on a business ethical dilemma. Please use the ethical dilemma which I have provided.Your paper should:work through the seven variables of Bentham’s hedonic calculus for two courses of action that someone could take with regard to the dilemma. You must quantitatively compare these as justification for which action is best supported by a utilitarian moral framework.(Included in this post are the strict instructions for the paper, along with the APA template which must be used and both of the readings that must be referenced)Please use APA style, including in-text citation and a reference page. Reference the attached readings that I have included in the posting.Also, please include one or two additional credible the utilitarian outcome with a judgement derived from Kant’s categorical imperative. You should work through both formulations of the categorical imperative in your analysis. (I have attached my strict instructions, an APA template along with two readings that must be referenced in this posting)The Ethical Dilemma:Is bribery ethical when it is necessary for ensuring the operational efficiency of a company?Keep in mind, that employees of the company are reliant on the company so that they can feed their families.
On the other hand, other people may be negatively affected by the potential corruption.
While you analyze this scenario, please ensure that you are taking Bentham’s hedonic calculus and Kant’s categorical imperative into account.
Requirements: 2100

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