Article Assessment 1 (Module 2): ExplorationHIWD-370 – Comparative Civilization

Article Assessment 1 (Module 2): ExplorationHIWD-370 – Comparative Civilization ASSIGNMENT INFORMATIONChoose one scholarly article related to this week’s theme of “Exploration,” broadly defined. Then, create an entry in your Article Assessment Journal: provide a Turabian format citation for the article, a 1-2 sentence statement of the author’s thesis, and a 3-4 sentence discussion of how it fits into the material covered in that week’s reading. Your article should focus on non-US/non-European explorations.
Article Assessment Template and Instructions.docx
Choose an article from the Article Bibliography BELOW.HIWD 370 Week 2 additional reading bibliography.pdf (150.584 KB)
Use this bibliography to choose your article for the Article Assessment Journal 1. You may also choose a different article relevant to the topics discussed in your readings this week. Still, please get prior approval for the article from your instructor to ensure that you are working with an article you can get credit for. In future weeks, you will research your own journal articles. This bibliography can give you an idea of the different ways you can address the week’s theme: You can look at the exploration of a particular country/region or by a particular country/people/religious group. You can look at the impetuses behind exploration or the impacts (good or bad) of particular explorations or explorations in general. Your goal should be to research something outside what you have studied in US history or a Western Civilization class.Turabian Format Quick Guide
Requirements: See post.

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