Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to he

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Identify a specific problem that a public organization must address and analyze it, providing examples of the potential consequences to the community if the problem is left unaddressed.
Discuss how that problem is tied to the organizational mission.
Identify various factors that might influence the development and continuation of this problem in the community.
Identify and evaluate at least three alternatives that might be used to eliminate or minimize this problem in this community, using a cost-benefit analysis. One of the alternatives must be the status quo.
Evaluate the identified alternatives in terms of the potential staffing, funding, logistical support, and authority the public agency will need to implement each of the identified alternatives.
Analyze how each of the proposed alternatives will meet the needs of the community, including diverse groups within the community.
Analyze the importance of conducting the policy analysis in an ethical manner, ensuring that all efforts of the organization are directed at mission attainment.
Analyze metrics that might be used to determine success for each of the alternatives if it is implemented in the future.
Assignment RequirementsResources: Your ideas must be supported with recent, scholarly sources that are properly cited and referenced in APA style.
Number of pages: Your assignment should be at least 15–20 pages, double-spaced, excluding the cover page, abstract (if included), and references.
APA style and format: All materials must be submitted in APA style and format (see Faculty Expectations for further information on APA).Remember, adherence to APA requires that all statements of objective fact that are not considered common knowledge must be supported by a credible source (using both a citation and a reference).
Requirements: 15-20

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