Critical Thinking Case StudyYou are a MSW student who was asked by your supervis

Critical Thinking Case StudyYou are a MSW student who was asked by your supervisor to represent the agency at a community collaborative meeting. One of the goals of the collaborative is to address limited low-income housing. There is a strong need for low-income housing but only one location left in the community to build additional housing. This location is adjacent to a garbage dumpsite. The city is willing to provide some funds to build housing because in the long run they will save money by generating cheap electricity from the garbage dump site. Recently, there was a newspaper expose on illegal nuclear waste dumping at the garbage dumpsite, but the city has assured everyone that this is not an issue. The collaborative wants to move forward in support of building the housing because of the tremendous need. Your supervisor has told you to support the collaborative’s initiatives and the importance of being a team player. However, you are not comfortable with the decision to go forward with the housing. After discussing it with your supervisor, she tells you to disregard your personal feelings and focus on the professional piece of supporting new low-income housing and the impact this will have on the community. As the student, how do you handle this situation? As part of your decision-making process, use the Questions for Using the Elements of Thought guidelines (pages 6-8 in The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools booklet) to develop the rationale for your decision. At least 2 paragraphs response are needed.*Please review reading attachment*
Requirements: at least 2 paragraphs

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