Prompt= After reading “Hills Like White Elephants,” write amultiple-paragraphess

Prompt= After reading “Hills Like White Elephants,” write amultiple-paragraphessay in which you analyze the author’s use of SETTING ORthe author’s use of NARRATION. Your introduction should provide readers with a brief plot summary of the reading before stating your thesis (main claim)about the use of setting OR narration. Each body paragraph should present a part of your analysissupported by textual evidence and your explanation. Include a conclusion which brings your essay to an appropriate close. You may use the story and lecture notes while writing your ICE.If you choose to analyze SETTING, consider how the setting is used in the story. What parts of the setting and its description are crucial to understanding the story’s meaning? Notice the structural opposition in differentdescriptions of the landscape.How do the different aspects of the setting relate to what the characters are discussing/deciding?If you choose to analyze NARRATION, consider how the aspects of narrator and point of view effect the telling of the story. What is revealed about the narrator through his or her voice (vocabulary, style, and tone) and focus? Notice the narrator’s level of or lack of participation in the action. What is important to know about the narration in order to understand the story?
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