Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance writing question and need an explanation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.Each student will write a two-page paper which provides a methodology that could be followed to actually solve the case. The strategy paper need not be an actual solution to the case — it may simply explain how one would go about solving the case, step by step. The strategy paper is being prepared for the approval of a senior financial manager who is completely familiar with the background of the problem. Therefore the strategy paper should skip background details and deal only with recommended procedures. The paper is procedural rather than descriptive. The level of detail that is appropriate in describing the procedures depends upon the objective of the particular case. For example, If an important objective of the analysis is to determine the amount of additional funds that will be required to support a new project then it is obviously not sufficient to make a statement such as: “Step 3, determine the additional funds requirements.” Instead, exact and detailed procedures should be outlined for determining the amount of external financing required, being careful to identify any peculiarities or complications that are unique to that particular case. Although I encourage you to discuss the cases with other students, strategy papers are to be individually written. I will scan, and record a check for each paper. In addition I will carefully read a random selection of your papers. Strategy papers will be printed and double spaced.
Requirements: MLA

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