You have been hired as a Deputy Secretary of Health of your home state or the st

You have been hired as a Deputy Secretary of Health of your home state or the state of your choosing. The topic of healthcare is mentioned in the national news on an almost weekly basis. Given the upcoming gubernatorial election, the governor has asked the health commissioner to provide a summary of the state’s health status. The Secretary has tasked you to develop the analysis.Go to the Country Health Rankings & Roadmaps website and complete the following steps:1. Access the Rankings for your home state or the state of your choosing.2. View the maps for health outcomes and health factors for the most recent year available, and compare the two. Which counties rank first and last in the state?3. Use the “Compare Counties” feature to examine your home county with another (it can be either the first, last or another of your choosing). Describe how your home county compares to the state as a whole.4. Go to the Action Center and explore the sections there. Based on the Governor’s elections concerns, you think that he might be questioned-on the ethical issues around the public health concern you chose to analyse.-It would drive the question about the local policies in place to address it,-and the state/federal regulations and agencies responsible for their enforcement.5. Conduct analysis and develop an research brief (research report) addressing 1-4 no longer than 5 pages long.6. Develop a Press Release conveying the information from your research report ( for the Candidate to be presented at the press conference dedicated to the election. The Candidate will be expected to demonstrate viable ideas and plans in counteracting the issue as well as leadership tools applied to calm and reassure the public. Deliverables: Research report (6-8 pages plus the title and reference pages)
Submit the Press release (no more than 600-800 words plus the title and reference page) in a separate drop box for grading
Requirements: please see the instruction   |   .doc file

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