Just need this paper fixed and a small paragraph added to it about fixing it Opt

Just need this paper fixed and a small paragraph added to it about fixing it Option #2 InstructionsPlease note if you do not attend the writing center, you will be writing a second portion of this assignment, titled, “Article Review Application” that you will include just after your “Narrative Summary” segment of the assignment.1. Rewrite the paper in accord with feedback from your instructor/CA and from your scored rubric as well as information garnered from the article linked below. WRITE ALL CHANGES IN RED “INK” (RED FONT). Failure to write all changes in red ink will result in a considerable point-deduction. Do not include “comments” or “track changes” in your assignment submission. DO NOT “TRACK” your changes/edits; submit ALL changes/edits in RED FONT. (40 points)2. Write a summary of your changes and overall editing/rewrite process. Please use appropriate grammar and APA format in this summary – of note, you MAY WRITE in the first-person in the narrative summary as this section is about your personal reflection on the rewrite of a formal writing assignment. For this section, you create a page after your reference page and use the subheading “Narrative Summary” to delineate this section. (40 points; minimum 300 words)3. Read this article: httpswaccolostateeduwritingspacesdasbenderpd://../books/2/–critical-thinking (Links to an external site.) & Write about your experiences with our first writing assignment (WA-1) using the article above to guide your review (40 points; minimum of 200 words); make certain to:Place this summary after your “Narrative Summary” and label this section “Article Review Application”
Respond to these instructional prompts in your “Article Review Application”:Discuss the core critical thinking skills (Facione & Gittens, 2016) you employed in writing the WA-1.
What seemed to be the most difficult portion of the assignment?
What approaches did you use in your attempts to overcome this difficulty?
Cite the article in-text and in your reference section in APA format.
Requirements: 500

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